Is it just my imagination or is your
Presence really there, have my thoughts
Brought you to me across oceans and on air.
Is that your touch, I am feeling. Do your fingers
Lightly brush my face, why is it when I turn
To look there is no-one standing in that space.

Can love cross those boundaries which fate
Has put in place. The ones that separate us
The ones that hide from me your face.
Is that your cologne I am smelling
As that breeze gently drifts by, or is it
Mother nature at her best willing me to cry.

For my tears are like rain, washing away
The hurt and fears, that seemed to follow me
Throughout those lonely years. Is my time
Alone finally coming to an end. Is love
Drawing nearer, is it now to be my friend.

For some of us fear love, and the pain it
Seems to bring. Pain felt so deep
Pain from within, should I now accept
The love that has chased the fears away
Knowing that I've found in you, the friend
I have today. So as I feel that
Gentle touch or smell your sweet cologne
I will not fear the past because I know,
I am not alone.

"You will find as you look back upon
Your life that the moments when you have
Truly lived are the moments when you
Have done things in the spirit of love." ©

-==Hope Has==-

• Rositanitani •

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