My treasured memories tucked away
Echoing the night we embraced beneath the stars,
Your body wonderfully close to mine,
That evening we shared our first kiss....

Every song reminds me of you
Every happy couple I wish were you and I.
Sometimes I write your name
And wistfully stare at it
Wondering how wonderful
Our lives could have been
Sometimes I feel like my need
To see you is consuming me inside,
And sometimes when I think of you
I tremble ..... my love for you
Is never easy to hide.

I love you though my heart
Begs me not too.
I'm living without you,
I breathe the air,
My heart beats
But my joy of life is gone.
My dreams are lost,
Like a leaf carried away by the storm.
I gaze at the stars
But only another reminder of you.
My heart is broken,
Shattered upon the floor.

Winter owns my heart,
It's icy breathe has stolen
The warmth in my soul.
Without your love I do not smile,
I do not know laughter,
And my happiness is gone.

You were my answered prayer,
My sunshine when all else
Around me seemed hopeless,
My light, my lazy days,
My peaceful nights
You were the spark in my soul
Burning bright.

I remember sitting on the beach,
Drawing a heart in the sand,
While I thought about you.
I told you then how much I loved you
And that I always would.
On that day I lost you,
The tide dashed in to steal the heart
And carry it off to the sea
.....Where it will remain for eternity.

As long as my life endures
I'll wait for you,
When you want a true love,
When you never want any other,
Send for me..............

"The way to love anything
Is to realize that
It might be lost."©

Pacific    Q'ld Aust.   

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