You and I share a special bond,
That is a lasting love,
Built on trust,
Honesty and affection,
Knowing that there is trust,
Between our hearts,
Without fear or doubt,
About the love we share.
As I realize how much
You mean to me,
I feel the warmth you show me,
I know in my heart,
That our love is real and comforting,
And the best experience of my life,
For I know you are special in every way,
As I learn the joy of life from you.
The more that I learn about you,
I find many things
That I didn't know,
That make me admire you even more,
For you amaze me with your talents,
Your warmth,
Kindness and intellect,
Capturing my heart more securely.
Falling under your spell,
As I spend more time with you,
I am so happy to have you in my life,
Experiencing the romance I dream of,
Living reality as your life mate,
Knowing you are always there for me,
As I wish and desire to be,
Always there for you.
You are the passion in my soul,
The love within my heart,
And the reason for my existence.
Our hearts belong together,
Sharing a life that is fulfilling,
With happiness and sorrow.
Since life is never perfect,
We face challenges together,
And devote our passions toward each,
Loving with our heart and soul.
No matter what time
Of day or evening,
I think of you with much affection,
Waiting to touch
The softness of your lips,
As they embrace the desire of my lips,
Completing the cycle of kisses,
That I give to you each day,
And every evening in my embrace,
For we make love as one,
Giving ourselves to one another,
Knowing that we combine all,
As we live each day together.
As we dance under the moonlight,
Holding each other tight,
My heart is devoted to seeing,
Your beautiful smile,
Knowing that my life is complete,
With you in it,
As we share our tomorrow's,
And remember our yesterdays.

?-»¦«-? "Love me without fear, Trust me without questioning, Need me without demanding, Want me without restrictions, Accept me without change, Desire me without inhibitions, For a love so free....will never fly away." ?-»¦«-?

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