I will always show you that I Love you,
And give you the best of me I can,
I will always be there to comfort you,
And try to protect you from all harm,
With everything who I am.

I will always open up my heart to you,
And be not only your lover,
But your best friend.
I will always be someone who can talk to,
And when it is needed, just listen,
As I'll be the one
On whom you can always depend.

I will always give you my strength,
If you ever feel that you are not strong.
I will always try to do my utmost,
And support you in every way I know how,
To right anything that has gone wrong.

I will always accept you for who you are,
And love you unconditionally,
I will always try to make
You feel good about yourself,
And Make you feel needed and important,
As someone who means the world to me.

"Look at everything as though
You were seeing it for
The first time or the last time.
Then your time on earth will be
Filled with glory." ©

-==The Prayer==-

-==Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli==-
• Rositanitani •

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