An Undying Love

Misty day breaks
Upon an ocean of tears
Living life for
What could have been
Love in the memories
Pain in the fears.

Where has it all gone?
What did I do wrong?
Can I go back?
Can I make amends?
Must I accept this day
As my unwanted fate
Without your love at its end?

Must I live in the reality
Of what is instead of
In the dream of what could be?
There must be more to life
Than this cold awakening reality?

As the sun sets
Upon another moonlit night
This love for you
Grows deeper in my heart
Deeper than the night before
Longing for you ever more.

Fearing that my vision
Shall fade from your mind
As quickly as this night fades,
Then the sun appears
In yet another ocean of tears.

I shall dream of our love
As it keeps me warm
When the world is cold
And dark around me.

Praying that you are somewhere,
Feeling my love
Thinking of me,
Knowing that you
Have been loved.
Thus you shall be
Loved forever in my heart,

"See there's this place in me
Where your finger prints still rest,
Your kisses still linger,
And your whispers softly echo.
It's the place where a part of you
Will forever be part of me.©"


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