I Will Always Love You

Tonight as you go to sleep
I hope your thoughts will turn to me
As you feel the love I send to you
From as far across the sea.

You have touched my heart so gently
I don't know if this is what you meant to do
Am I the only one to feel this love,
Or do you also feel it too.

Do you feel the beating of my heart
When I hear your voice on the line.
Do you sense the emotions that you bring to me
That only seem to deepen over time
Do I let this love just flourish
Or do I try to control the things I feel.

Will time and distance make a difference.
Can love like this become so very real
I wonder if we will go on from here
Or will fear put a hold on these things.

Can faith, joy, hope and trust be enough
To see what the future brings.
See what the future brings our way
As we take each day as it's given to us.

For life offers no guarantees at all
But we can believe in love and happiness
So keep this love I send to you
It's given freely from my heart
I pray the friendship that it brings with it
Will close the miles that keep us apart.

My Forever Friend

Sadness touches my heart a little today,
For I miss you when you're not near.
I slowly raise my hand to my cheek,
As I wipe away a tiny tear.

I do not cry in sorrow or pain
It's nothing that can be seen
For it's from my heart as I think of you,
And all that I wished that could have been.

You do not cause this ache in my heart,
It's not from things you have said or done.
It's just time, distance and fate,
That has bought this yearning on.

You have touched my heart so gently
I did not know that you would do that.
Friendship was how it started
Felt from the moment we first met.

Was that a tremor that I felt beneath my feet
Or was it my heart beating hard and fast.
How was it you could touch my heart like that,
Had we met before, somewhere in our past.

I guess there are things
I may never understand
Things that happen with no reason or rhyme
Things that life just brings my way,
At no given place and not given time.

What is meant to be, will be
This I have come to know.
Life has much in store for me
I will stay strong and I will grow.

Grow from the feelings that I feel.
Learn something new each passing day
Value the friendships that I have
And from people yet to come my way.

But for now I will just dry these tears.
For this is the beginning not the end.
No matter what the future brings
I hope that you will remain
My forever friend.

"For it was not into my ear you whispered,
But into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed,
But my soul."©


-==I want to love you ==-

-==Delbert McClinton==-
• Rositanitani •

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