Ghosts and Goblins fly in the night
All to scare you,
Give you fright
Knocking on neighborís doors
Donít let the pumpkin on the porch
Scare you with its glow

Be kind and courteous
Or the trick will be played on you
You will collect more treats
If you think it through
Have fun and stay with your crowd
Donít let the older guys
Scare you by being loud

Expect the unexpected
After all it's fun
Carry your pumpkin
And your flashlight
You will see wax lips,teeth
And scary costumes even their feet

Pirates, Princes and Fairies too
Watch out for the witches brew
Donít drink anything that night
Keep safe and be careful
Make sure you're all right

Try guessing who is in each costume
Watch out for the witch
On her broom
Donít go with strangers
There could be danger

So have a fun night!
Happy Halloween!

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About finding One's innermost
Thoughts in another."©


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